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catfish farming business in nigeriaParents Put Teenage Daughter in a cage for two and half years. Read more ... »  starting catfish farming business one desires very cautious consideration. Our Feasibility Study On Fish Farming will  give you a basic idea on what to expect when operating and managing your catfish business in nigeria

Feasibility study on fish farming do vary due to the;
(2)cost of laboure
(3)cost of materials
(4)cost of feeding
(5)cost of fingerling (fish seed)
(6) water
In carring out feasibility study in an area this conditions must be satisfied.

Setting up a facility for catfish farming is a large investment. The most major investment for a catfish farm is the construction of the pond for catfish growing.

Once the pond was cut into and the locality has been evolved, there is not anything one can do to undo the work and retrieve the cost. And so, extensive evaluation must be finished by somebody desireing to start a catfish farm before he finally concludes if it is shrewd for him to chase the project.

Pre-Construction Considerations

In fish farming the area or location plays important role in deciding the type of pond to be constructed. For example an area with swampy environment is useful in fish farming but the suitable pond to be constructed is earthen pond.

Pond Design and Construction
One major consideration in designing a pond for catfish production is the flatness or steepness of the area and the source of water supply. For a generally flat area that has access to a well, a levee pond could be built. Watershed ponds are built for steeper areas near a natural source of water. The depth of the pond is also crucial as this influences the availability of oxygen for the fish. And so is the amount of fish per surface acre of water. Check catfish growing manuals for standards to adhere to.
Catfish Farming Operation and Management

The cost of feeding varies depending on the quality of feed in consideration. Foreign feeds are more costly, example cupens is sold above 5,000 naira, while local feeds cost below 4,500 naira.

The cost of producing the feed locally which will still maintain the the high level crude protien equal to the foreign feed.

Another important section of feasibility study on fish farming is the marketing aspect. In fish business the size of the fish determines the market. Consumers and retailers like big fish than small fish when your fish grows big, the market will be looking for you.

A farmer can also go into smoking his/her own fish to enhance its market hence most of the fish consumers likes smoked fish than fresh ones no mater the size of the fish.

For one to get the most profit for a catfish harvest, it is necessary to determine buyer requirements when planning the season’s production. Consider what buyers demand in terms of weight, frequency, size and price. One can sell the season’s harvest to fish processors or directly to consumer. The latter results a greater return to the farmer.

Feasibility study on fish farming

The feasibility study is updated before we send it to you.
Here is what we provide -

* Provide you with an exclusive plan; not found in anywhere else.
* Renew the plan to reflect present economic state not those of years ago!
* Use unique information from sector experts, accountants  and trade associations to ensure the plan is current.
* Use information from successful companies including tips and industry secrets so that you can grow your business successfully.
* Tell you how you can get new customers, and keep the ones you already have, in the current complicated economic situation.

Present Situation of aquaculture in Nigeria
Aquaculture Production in Nigeria
Aquaculture Policy Environment at National and State Levels
Success potential
Skills and abilities for success
Production feasibility

Product description
Financial projections
Competitors marketing analysis
Proposed Marketing Strategy

Operational Details and Structure
Machinery/Equipment Requirements, housing, drugs and feeding
Raw materials and sources

Personnel requirement
Organization structure

Mathematical formula for catfish cost production in Nigeria
Capital/initial Cost
Pre-Operating Expenses

Cost production of 50,000 fingerlings Hatchery unit and expected returns (cost of feed, cost of fingerlings, survival rates and sale price of the catfish) in a year

Cost production of 50,000 Grow-out pond unit and expected returns (cost of feed, cost of fingerlings, survival rates and sale price of the catfish) in a year

Cost production of 50,000 smoked fish and expected returns (cost of smoking, weight afterUsain Bolt Set to retire after Rio 2016 Olympics. Read more ... » smoking, and price of smoked fish)

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